Generating password hashes

crypt is used to generate password hashes with a salt:

perl -e ‘print crypt(“password”, “\$6\$somesalt”) . “\n”‘

Generating ASP.NET password hashes

        HashAlgorithm _algorithm = null;

        private string EncodePassword(string pass, string salt)
            _algorithm = HashAlgorithm.Create("SHA1");
            byte[] bytes = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(pass);
            byte[] src = Convert.FromBase64String(salt);
            byte[] dst = new byte[src.Length + bytes.Length];
            byte[] inArray = null;
            Buffer.BlockCopy(src, 0, dst, 0, src.Length);
            Buffer.BlockCopy(bytes, 0, dst, src.Length, bytes.Length);
            inArray = _algorithm.ComputeHash(dst);
            return Convert.ToBase64String(inArray);