ADFS, Federation and Single Sign Out

AD FS: How to Invoke a WS-Federation Sign-Out

Single Sign Off between RP’s, ADFS and Custom STS’s

ADFS 2.0 content map



Claims language

SharePoint 2013

Installing SharePoint 2013 pre-requisites on Windows Server 2012 R2

Configure an environment for apps for SharePoint (SharePoint 2013)

Plan for apps for SharePoint 2013

Create SharePoint 2013 Claims Web Application With PowerShell

SharePoint 2013 offline installation

Office Web Apps


Configuring Office Web Apps

Business Intelligence

BI Scenarios


Develop a design

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Composed look

Azure Service Bus authentication and federation

Securing and authenticating azure service bus relay messages using a shared secret

Accessing a Service on the Windows Azure Service Bus from Windows Phone 7

.NET On-Premises/Cloud Hybrid Application Using Service Bus Relay

WCF service using Azure relay and ADFS authentication

Federated Authentication for Windows Azure Service Bus

Federating Windows Azure Service Bus & Access Control Service with a custom STS: thinktecture IdentityServer helps with more real-world-ish Relay and Brokered Messaging

Choosing Authentication for a Service Bus Application

Choosing a Type of Relay Authentication

Service Bus Authentication and Authorization with the Access Control Service

How to Use the Service Bus Relay Service

How to: Configure AD FS 2.0 as an Identity Provider

How to: Create a Federated Client

How to: Create a Security Token Service

Identity delegation with ADFS 2.0

Hacker tools you should know and worry about

From TechEd 2013

Hussain Alshakarti, Marcus Murray

Fiddler man in the middle extension. Modifies input field to javascript post on every change.

nmap. Nework mapper and scanner.

hydra. brute force password attack various services. Can be used as denial of service.

air-crack. airdump – sniff & capture packets, aircrack-ng – crack password, airbase – dummy access points.





tssql.exe. SQL brute force.




wce.exe. Windows Credentials Editor.

mimikatz. Extract passwords and certificates from memory.

iodine. DNS tunnelling server.

metaploit. meterpreter – steal_token [pid].

Core Impact commercial framework

john. the ripper

inception – firewire emulator.

firewire – direct memory access.

pci express card. Memory controller – disable direct memory access.