SharePoint 2013 BI

There don’t seem to be many blogs describing the process for installing SharePoint 2013 BI services using SQL 2014.  I wanted a simple test environment with all the BI components configured.

These are the steps I have taken, note that as I start writing this the process is not complete, so there is a risk that some of the steps may be incorrect.

The configuration I have decided on is a dual server system, the “PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 Two Server Deployment” taken from

Install SQL Database & Analysis Services in the default instance on the SQL server system

Install PowerPivot for SharePoint in a POWERPIVOT instance on the SQL server system

Install the SharePoint 2013 (using an Enterprise Key) on the SharePoint system.  Select complete installation.

I use a scripted install to configure the farm and the services.  Within Excel Services Application Data Model Settings add the PowerPivot instance.  In Global Settings configure an Unattended Service Account.

Install SQL Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode.  Scripted configuration of Reporting Services Application.

Install spPowerPivot.msi.  Configure PowerPivot through the configuration tool.

Configure Office Web Apps within SharePoint.