Malware scanning

I try to keep my eye out for malware scanning solutions that I can run downloads through before executing them myself.

I use Virus Total, however, this has a file size limit.  I’ve also come across Herd Protect, quite by accident.  I was searching the internet for a file hash that was too large for Virus Total and I had a hit on Herd Protect.  This is not an offline scanner, but a scanner that runs all your ‘active’ file hashes through its database to check for malicious hashes.  It also uploads any unknown files for scanning and apparently will upload files too big for Virus Total.  It uses multiple anti-virus engines for its scans.


Certificate management in test ADFS environments can become a bit of a nightmare.  When there are a large number of identity providers, managed by different teams tracking certificate expiry becomes a problem.

Here is a single line PowerShell command to list the claims provider token signing certificate expiry.  If a claims provider has multiple certificates the time shown is of the latest expiring certificate.

Get-ADFSClaimsProviderTrust | % {$obj=new-object System.Object;$max = $_.TokenSigningCertificates | % {$_.NotAfter} | Sort-Object -Descending | Select-Object -First 1;$obj | add-member -type NoteProperty -name Name -value $_.Name;$obj | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -Name "CertExpires" -value $max;$obj} | sort CertExpires