Daktronics RTD

Taken from http://timingguys.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2976090511/m/4007070563:

Position Text message:

<syn> + HEADER + <soh> + CONTROL + <stx> + TEXT + <eot> + SUM + <etb>


<syn> ::= 0x16
<soh> ::= 0x01
<stx> ::= 0x02
<eot> ::= 0x04
<etb> ::= 0x17
HEADER ::= '20000000'
CONTROL ::= '004010NNNN' 
(NNNN is the decimal offset to place text)
TEXT ::= message to be sent to screen
SUM ::= sum of character values from header to (and including) <eot> mod 256 as hex string

Example to place the string 'hello' at offset 35:


Venus will respond with an acknowledge - so if you are using a 422/485 link, just connect the 422 rcv instead of the 485, or else the ack may collide with your next message.


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